EVE Todo list

Obviously quite a big list at the moment due to being under 1 week old Gallente Frigate IV: Training Now Cruiser: Once frigate complete Drones V: 4/5 Gunnery V COSMOS agents. Gallente: Algintal Minmatar: Ani Note: The COSMOS agents in these systems give one-time-only missions that give faction increases. You can only do these missions … More EVE Todo list

SWTOR Character DB

SWTOR Character DB is a PHP Script for website owners to allow them to keep track of their characters, levels, ranks, etc. Links Official Page: SourceForge.net Facebook Page: FB Blog: here   Current Features (as of 1.2) Create, Edit, Delete Characters Customizable Columns (level, honor, social, alignment, rank, etc) Planned Features User Registration Character Owners … More SWTOR Character DB