My Current WoW Addons

Atlas Broker_RestFu Deadly Boss Mods MaxDPS RelicInspector _NPCScan.Overlay !BugGrabber Addon Control Panel AddOns CPU Usage AdvancedInterfaceOptions Altoholic Altoholic Count Hider Angry Keystones Archaeology Helper Archy AskMrRobot AltasLoot Enhanced Aura Frames Auto Set Max Camera Distance Bartender4 Bazooka BestInSlot BetterFont BetterIconSelect Broker WorldQuests Broker_Currencyflow Broker_DurabilityInfo BugSack Button Forge Can I Mog It? Capping Battleground Timers CensusPlus… Read More My Current WoW Addons

EVE Todo list

Obviously quite a big list at the moment due to being under 1 week old Gallente Frigate IV: Training Now Cruiser: Once frigate complete Drones V: 4/5 Gunnery V COSMOS agents. Gallente: Algintal Minmatar: Ani Note: The COSMOS agents in these systems give one-time-only missions that give faction increases. You can only do these missions… Read More EVE Todo list

SWTOR Character DB

SWTOR Character DB is a PHP Script for website owners to allow them to keep track of their characters, levels, ranks, etc. Links Official Page: Facebook Page: FB Blog: here   Current Features (as of 1.2) Create, Edit, Delete Characters Customizable Columns (level, honor, social, alignment, rank, etc) Planned Features User Registration Character Owners… Read More SWTOR Character DB