Linux Software

This is a post listing some ‘essential’ software for a linux build (i’m considering for laptops).

Linux: Mint Xfce

Audio Player: XMMS2

Video Player: VLC

EVE Todo list

Obviously quite a big list at the moment due to being under 1 week old

Gallente Frigate IV: Training Now
Cruiser: Once frigate complete
Drones V: 4/5
Gunnery V

COSMOS agents.
Gallente: Algintal
Minmatar: Ani

Note: The COSMOS agents in these systems give one-time-only missions that give faction increases. You can only do these missions once per character. If you fail one of these missions (and they are harder than the usual missions), you never get to try it again!

Tigole Betty is born.

I like Tigole Bitty’s but didn’t want to be as obvious, hence my new eve online characters name of Tigole Betty (a Gallente pilot).

My friend got me interested in EVE and for a mere £3 for a 30 day ticket thanks to a steam sale, and having played in the past (so knowing what to expect), I am now back in space building my skills up.

Comparison of Social Gaming Networks

GamerDNA XFire Playfire Giantbomb WeGame 1UP
Site Achievements No No Yes Yes No Yes
Video Hosting No Yes No No Yes No
Clan Hosting Yes Yes No No No Yes
Screenshots Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Games Listing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Forums Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Clan Forums No Yes No No No Yes

SWTOR Character DB

SWTOR Character DB is a PHP Script for website owners to allow them to keep track of their characters, levels, ranks, etc.


Official Page:

Facebook Page: FB

Blog: here


Current Features (as of 1.2)

  • Create, Edit, Delete Characters
  • Customizable Columns (level, honor, social, alignment, rank, etc)

Planned Features

  • User Registration
  • Character Owners
  • Character Profile Pages
  • Crew Skill Crafting List

Killing Floor – Console and Connect via IP

Ok so figured out today how to access the console (yes there is one) and how how to connect to a server directly by IP address.


the ‘ / @ button opens console

Connect via IP

open address:port

SC2 – Finally..

Well I finally got around to completing the SP campaign of StarCraft 2, very good game, great story, alot of gameplay hours in it.


Shoutout to all the users of GameReplays and thanks Cabal for mentioning my blog on there, hope you enjoy reading future posts on my blog!🙂

Concept – Rise of Immortals Achievement

Concept – Rise of Immortals Achievement

I have created my first concept Achievement for Rise of Immortals, see image.